Extended License

When purchasing a template from LenoFX.com, you are simultaneously buying a extended license for usage of that item.
This license gives you different rights of using the item in different ways.

The Extended License grants you, the Purchaser, a non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to make use of the work that you acquire.
Your use of our templates is under the Extended License, is subject to the following conditions:

     1. Our products can be used in any video productions using Final Cut Pro X or other applications, etc.

     3. The Templates may be used in any number of works.

     4. You can use the template on multiple machines.

     5. If you create a video using our templates you can reproduced and distributed that video as many times as you like.

    6. You can NOT redistribute or resold our products “as-is”.

If you have any questions contact us at: support@lenofx.com

Thank you.
Leno Porto