1 - After installing a plugin I get a red screen with a big T on it, how do I fix this?

You need to update your Final Cut Pro X.
After you update FCPX the plugin will work just fine.
Go to the App Store to update FCPX.

2 - The product I bought needs a new version of Final Cut Pro X, but I can’t update right now, can you give me a refund?
We sell digital products and because of that we don’t offer refunds.
You will have to wait until you update your Final Cut Pro X to use the product.
Before you buy any product make sure that you are using the required version of Final Cut Pro X to run the plugin properly.
In the description page of each product you can see the required version, like this:

3 - How do I install a plugin?

  1. Open the DMG file,
  2. Double click on the installer
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. After finishing this process you can use the plugin in Final Cut Pro X

4 - How to Install Plugins Manually for Final Cut Pro X?

Click here to download Unpkg file.

5 - I bought the wrong product, can you give me a refund or other product?
We sell digital products and because of that we don’t offer refunds.
Ask questions before you buy any product if needed and make sure you are buying the right one.

6 - I don’t want the product anymore, can you give me a refund?
We sell digital products and because of that we don’t offer refunds.
Make sure you are buying a product that will be useful for you.

7 - I’m trying to download a product again, but I get this message:
You have exceeded your number of downloads. Contact the seller to reset your limits.
What should I do?
Send us an email at asking us to reset your download limits.
We will reset it and you will be able to download it again.

8 - Can I install the plugin in how many machines?
You can install it in up to three machines that you own. You cannot install it in machines that aren’t yours.
Click here to see license details.

9 - Can I use your free products for commercial purposes?
Yes, you can.

10 - I can't install a plugin, it gets stuck at 'Verifying” how can I solve this?


11 - How can I uninstall a plugin from my system?
Our products are installed on these paths on your system:

Movies - Motion Templates - Titles
Movies - Motion Templates - Effects
Movies - Motion Templates - Transitions
Movies - Motion Templates - Generators

Go inside the corresponding folder and delete the plugins folder that you want to uninstall.
Restart Final Cut Pro X after you do that.

12 - How can I send a suggestion for a new product?
You can email us your suggestion at:
Thanks in advance!

13 - Why do I have to give you my physical address when shopping in your website?
The physical address is needed for security purposes and this is how our system works.

14 - What is your email adress?
Our email adress is: