Best FCPX matching plugins to highlight your video content

Video content grew out strong in the past years and shows no signs of stopping soon - and as a FCPX user, you know what we’re talking about. Just to understand the dimension of what this means, this year is expected that the average person will spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. But how to avoid attention spans and deliver the message properly to whoever is watching?

We’re always looking for the next trend, hack, format, distribution channel, or anything else that will pump our videos’ quality and make them go viral, increasing engagement and sales. For your relief, we already keep an eye on everything mentioned to create amazing FCPX plugins that will engage your audience and help you create better videos in less time.

Besides, you know that regardless of the purposes of your videos being editing a vlog, behind the scenes, interview, webinar, presentation, tutorial, commercial, or any other type of video, what makes your content really pops out of the screen is how you finish it with video editing.

Best FCPX matching plugins

Take a look at the best FCPX plugins we have selected to help you accomplish this task, being our side to side recommendations that will work pretty well together to highlight your video content.

Grids + Text Presets

Split screens became very common because it is very useful, and it is pretty awesome to display more content on your screen, right? That’s the goal when you use Grids in your FCPX projects, you’ll have tons of options to add multiple content sources and unlimited value to every screen on your videos.

Text animations are a great way to create captivating videos. Keeping that in mind, we created Text Presets with the most amazing trendy effects to improve your videos’ quality within minutes. It’s easy to use and easy to let your creativity flow because the possibilities available with all the elements included are endless.

If you have started to explore what you can achieve as a Video editor, these two plugins would be your starting point, from any perspective you are in. Applying to any of your projects can maximize not only the impact on your audience but the engagement return.

And here’s a friendly tip: These are our best-selling plugins, which means we’re always improving them! And the best thing is, you can send your suggestions on what you would like to add and we’ll take into consideration to make it possible.

Mockups + Text Messages

Mockups are a great way to bring projects to life and are heavy-used in presentations. It’s the best resource we have when we want to picture something in the real world, even though it doesn’t exist yet. If a static Mockup can do this, imagine if you use animated ones in your videos? This will help you present your work more beautifully and add even more value to your brand.

If 2020 has taught us something is that messages can bring us closer even if we're far from each other. It has been used for a really long time already, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to emulate messages on the screen. Now think about if you take the Mockups and put it together with our Text Messages plugins? You will have all the resources you need to convey the best parts of your conversations at all the most popular social media platforms.

YouTube Booster + Instagram Stories

It doesn’t matter what you work with - if you have a brand, sell products or services - you surely need to build up an audience and engage with them. And the best way to do that is to create content with strong and captivating design animations, and both YouTube Booster and Instagram Stories get you covered to achieve it.

With the most useful resources available for each platform, these plugins will help you take control of your social media content to stand out from the crowd. Whatever your goals are for them - or any social media you’re or your clients are in - both YouTube Booster and Instagram Stories can help get you there.

Cyberpunk + Digital Sounds

Way before the Cyberpunk 2077 launch, this aesthetic was already trendy. You could easily find designs and videos using elements from this era from a while ago. And our Cyberpunk plugin for FCPX contains titles, lower thirds, and transitions, to help you create an entire project with the same identity.

And, to make it even better, we have this Digital Sounds sound effects pack built based on our Cyberpunk plugin - you can use it in any video, but believe us, if you put them together, the results are going to be breathtaking.

Handwriting Titles + Chalkboard Toolkit

If you ever wanted to emulate sophisticated messages in a format that everyone can identify with, the Handwriting Titles plugins offer you that possibility. Having in mind that not all titles fit all types of audiences, Handwriting titles lets you connect in a more personal matter as if your message was being written right at that moment.

Just as the other side of the tomato, if you feel Handwriting Titles is a good match to your videos you wouldn’t miss the chance to have a look at Chalkboard Toolkit. With more layers and 85+ hand-drawn chalk doodles, you can combine the animation from Chalkboard Toolkit with the Handwriting Titles to have incredible full of live results.


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If you have any other questions about how to use our plugins, you can reach out to us in our Facebook inbox or through, we’ll be glad to help :)