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We had a unique opportunity to interview one of the most well known masters of content creation and marketing: Joe Pulizzi. He is the founder of Content Marketing Institute which is the leading resource and education site for big box Fortune 500 brands.

Joe doesn’t stop there though, his books (“Content Inc”, “Epic Content Marketing”, “Killer Marketing”, and more) cater to both small, medium and big business alike. He is passionate about helping brands create strategic and effective content strategies that gain traction, go viral, and command attention, which makes him one of the best people to give us some tips on the tendencies of the video marketing in 2020.

In the last five years the importance of video continues to grow. Back in 2015, just over 78% of internet marketers said video was an important part of their strategy. In 2020 that number has skyrocketed to 92%! That’s likely why in just the last two years, marketing departments have spent more and more in video: 45 billion in 2019, compared with the 61 billion that is projected for 2021!

What does that mean for you?

It means it’s getting much more difficult to get your message seen and heard online. And that’s why it was a perfect time to connect with Joe!

We asked him a series of questions that were based around how video editors can overcome their biggest challenges in 2020. And he gave us these 4 critical steps to reach success in a growing and competitive space:

1. Be consistent 

Almost every company, big or small, produces videos, but most of them simply don't do it right. The biggest challenge is doing it consistently over time. The second is creating video content to a targeted audience that is excited to engage with your content. Most videos are self-serving, not helpful or not entertaining. Companies have to truly think about building an audience over time with a consistent video message (like a Netflix series would).

2. Don’t sell

First of all, don't sell. Second, focus on building a long-term audience. By doing these two things you'll approach the video project differently -- and your visitors will love you for it. Sit down with your team and develop an editorial mission for the video project. Regularly conduct brainstorm sessions and ask questions like: “Who is our audience?”, “What message do you want them to hear in your videos?” Then touch on that story again and again over time, and with consistency.

3. Organic search is over


Whatever you do, save up the money and promote your videos. Gone are the days when people would just find your video through organic search.

4. Use live videos and blogs to attract new customers


Marketing and sales-oriented videos are only good right before a person buys a product. They are no good to attract new customers. To attract new customers, you should be using informationally engaging videos rich with story, and vlogs! These are critical as they consider the needs of your audience before the needs of your brand. 

And when you deliver consistent content that solves problems for your audience… they become more receptive to your sales videos, and turn into paying members of your brand.

“Video professionals should be doing their own video marketing, creating their own consistent videos to attract new clients. If not, what are you telling your prospective customers?”- Joe Pulizzi


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