Creator Partner Program is Open! Let’s Get Creative Together!

Leno FX offers hundreds of top-of-the-line Final Cut Pro plugins to a community of video creators across the globe. Our product library gives videographers everything they need to improve their video content, from customizable title screens, to motion graphics templates and cutting-edge editing tools.

The quality of our products has led us to become leaders in providing content creators the tools they need to succeed. Now, we are ready to further engage with our audience, and offer content creators the opportunity to partner up with us through the Leno FX Creator Partner Program.

– The Leno FX Creator Partner Program is simple: You help us by creating content, such as video reviews, tutorials, or blog articles, and we give you two Leno FX FCPX plugins of your choice! – 

What is the Leno FX Creator Partner Program?

Our Creator Partner Program offers content creators using FCPX, particularly those creating video tutorials, reviews, and educational blog content, a means to partner up with us. 

LenoFX Creator Partners help us by creating content that advocates our brand or products, which is then displayed in our social media channels. 

The content you create is viewed by a global community of videographers, and we get to complement our line of products with fun and engaging videos and articles.

The best part is that, in exchange for the content you provide us, you get two Leno FX FCPX plugins of your choice from our extensive product library!

Our goals with the program: Helping each other! 

We first envisioned the Creator Partner Program as a way for you and us to help each other reach a wider audience, giving them access to more content than ever before!

Leno FX already offers hundreds of FCPX plugins to our audience, and content creators around the world have been using our products for years to take their videos and presentations to the next level.

You already create amazing video content, and have an active audience that you engage and interact with regularly.

This means all the right pieces for a partnership are already there, and all that is missing is for us to get creating together!

How can you subscribe? 

The subscription process is simple, and all you need to do is fill out the registration form at From there, we will review your application and get back to you regarding approval. 

Given the volume of applications, we cannot accept every applicant to the program, but we will make sure to review all content sent to us and reply as quickly as we can.

Even if you are not approved on your first try, we encourage you to keep creating the content you love, and maybe even integrate a few Leno FX plugins into your videos!

You can always apply in the future, and the more engaging your content is, the more likely it is that you will be approved next time!

You can learn more about the Leno FX Creator Partner Program here, or shoot us an email with any questions you have. 


Watch now our first Creator Partner Content and get inspired to become our content creator too!