FCPX Tutorial: How to create Text Effects and Animations in Final Cut Pro XFCPX Tutorial: How to create Text Effects and Animations in Final Cut Pro X

Can you remember any recent video you watched that didn’t have text on it? Vlogs, commercials, social media, online courses and so on? No? That’s right! On-screen texts are everywhere to help deliver the message effectively. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be only in the traditional way, as we know animated texts are more engaging and powerful.

There are vast possibilities on how to use text effects and animations in Final Cut Pro X, but do you know how to create them without the struggle? Or do you spend precious time during video editing trying to create on your own? And most important, do you get the expected results when you create them, or you think it could be better?

We understand the feeling. That’s why we’ve put together a wide variety of useful text animation styles in our Text Presets plugin for Final Cut Pro X to improve the quality of your videos immediately. And here we’ll show how you can explore this amazing FCPX plugin.

Everything you need to know about Text Presets

Our Text Presets plugin contains over 350 elements for you to explore and create endless combinations with 12 text animation categories and 52 effects in a single place. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities, check our tutorials to understand how far you can go with our plugin and to see why this is the best choice for your workflow and video projects.

Adjustment Layers & Guides

With the Adjustment Layer tool, you’ll be able to apply changes to all the clips you have in your timeline, in a very simple way. On the other hand, Guides tool will help you align all your texts on screen, with three options available, such as Center, Safe Zones, and Rule of thirds. You can change color and everything necessary to make the alignment reference easier.

Animated Shapes

Text Presets contains 17 animated shapes, and you can customize them to explore new options of the same animated shape effect. In the video above you will see all the parameters available for these effects. We will show customization options, some shortcuts and tips to speed up your workflow

Animated Outlines

The difference between animated shapes and animated outlines is that the first one will be completely filled and the second one will only make a contour - you can play around and combine them by applying both effects in the same title.

Check the tutorial above and see how you can play around with the customizations available and achieve different results, even with the animation build in and build out disabled.

Background Animations

Sometimes you may feel the need to go beyond with your text animations and combine backgrounds animations with them, creating interesting compositions that make sense and match your project’s style. You’ll see in the video above that by combining Center-Opener Circle background animation and some Basic - Line text animation you can create a nice and impacting intro/opener for your videos.

Backgrounds Overlays

Just like background animations, background overlays are also very useful to create awesome combinations with the text animations effects included in our Text Presets plugin for FCPX. You can use them as part of an intro, like we mentioned previously, nut not only that, because they’ll work for a wide variety of purposes, and will add that wow factor to any part of your project.

Continuous Category

Once Text Presets is installed in Final Cut, you’ll have 12 categories of text effects to explore, and all of them are really easy-to-use, but we need to highlight the Continuous category because it works a little bit differently. In the tutorial Leno shows how you need to place the elements in the timeline to create a nice composition with them, in a way it works flawlessly.

Motion Blur

Now, let’s start talking about all the amazing effects you can apply in all your text animations. Motion Blur has three options: 180º, 270º and 360º. It’s good to use this effect when your text moves either slower or faster. There’s a slight difference between the motion blur options, you just need to try them out and see which one will add a nice touch to your texts.

If you have different layers, we recommend you to create a compound clip before working with different motion blur options. If you don’t do this, the effect you put in the highest layer affects what comes below.

Drop Shadow

The Drop Shadow effect is always useful to make your text easier to read, and the same applies for your creation, just like when working in Photoshop. You can change the color, opacity, blur, distance and angle as you wish. Just make sure to create a compound clip of your text animation before adding the Drop Shadow effect to it, otherwise it won’t work properly, and the same applies to the background.

Also keep in mind that you can’t use the Drop Shadow and Mask Mode effect together without compound clips.


Extrude also needs to be applied to a compound clip instead of the title itself. This effect will make your text look like it is 3D, so if you want your message to pop out of the screen, that’s the go-to option. There’s lots of customizable options, such as the angle, distance, back size, face/front/back brightness and gradient style.

Flicker, Prism, Glow & Shake

In this video Leno shows how to work with Flicker, Prism, Glow and Shake effects in the same text animation. You’ll see in the result that just because you’re using four different effects together, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work and look nice, it depends only on the type of project you’re working with. This one, for example, can look amazing for videos with an action and energetic style.

Move & Zoom

Here’s another example on how to work with two effects together. The Zoom effect, like Extrude, can work to pop your message out of the screen. And you don’t need to be stuck only with the suggestions we make, let your creativity flow and explore all the possibilities.


By now you already understood how easy it is to work with the text effects and text animations of our Text Presets plugin for FCPX, right? The Underwater effect has five ready-to-use presets, but if you don’t like how they look, you can customize it to achieve the desired result, to be more agitated or more calm.

Text Mask

This one we added a guide to make it easier for you to work with. With this effect enabled, you’ll see more clearly how the customizations of scale, feather and position will affect the text animation you’re using. And remember to create a compound clip before applying it to make sure it will work properly.


Text replication became a trend in the past years, and it is still heavily used giving focus to the message displayed on screen, and therefore makes it more effective. And there’s no need to be stuck with the common side-by-side replication, since Replicator owns customizable parameters for distance, width, height, columns, rows, tile offset, scale and angle.

Mask Mode

When we launched the first version of our Text Presets for Final Cut Pro, we received lots of requests to add the Mask Mode option to it. And, of course, we added it to make it even better for everyone who wants to achieve amazing results while editing their projects, because it is a simple effect, and yet powerful.

Bonus: Text Presets 2h Training

When we launched the second version of Text Presets for Final Cut Pro Leno made a two-hours livestream showing all the resources available in this plugin, and answered some questions to help everyone get the most out of it. The good thing is, it is still available to replay.

All the tutorials were made to help you understand all the potential this plugin has for all your FCPX projects, but if you need any extra help, feel free to reach out to us. We just launched our 3.0 version, but you can expect much more to come, because there’s still room for improvement.

Enjoy our relaunch promo and save $20 until Feb 22 (buy here). All the updates are free of charge, so once you get the plugin, everything that’s new will come for free to your account. And you can send us suggestions as well, we love to get ideas to create plugins that will make your work easier.