FCPX Tutorial: How to customize Text Messages for Final Cut Pro X

Isn’t it beautiful that everyone is only a message away from us? Using the internet, social media, and messages apps available noways, it has become extremely easy to communicate with our closest friends, family, and coworkers, or even with our followers and fans, if you already hold this influence.

Combined with the fast-grow content creation and video content being even more consumed as the days pass by, it has become important to put these messages inside our projects, helping us to make the audience feel the same way we felt when we first received that message or notification. And thinking about that, we have created - and improved - our Text Messages plugin for FCPX, to make your editing life easier, and your videos better.

Customizing Text Messages to better suit your videos

Text Messages is pretty easy to use, but there’s always something we can share to help you get the best results. So, check some tips and start applying them to your projects.

Creating your own Followers Interactions

Once you install your plugin, by default, you’ll find options for the most popular social media platforms - such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, and Snapchat - but you can easily create a custom one.

  1. Drag and drop the Follower Interaction you wish to use in the timeline;
  2. Select the “Custom” option in the Social Media parameter;
  3. Add the icon (use a PNG file) to the element using the drop zone available;
  4. Change the background color and size if you need;
  5. Use the text boxes available to change the follower name and comment.

And now you’re ready to create any follower interaction you need. It can be from your social media interactions, your website’s comments, your products’ reviews, your services’ recommendation… just think how it can fit your content and customize it!

Customizing audios’ duration

Even for those who don’t like it, audio messages can be pretty handy, and you can - of course - find some audio elements inside our Text Messages plugin. But did you know that it’s not hard to match the exact duration of your audio file with our audio element? Just using the resources available inside Final Cut Pro X you can easily manage this customization.

  1. Drag and drop the audio element you wish to use in the timeline;
  2. Customize the element within the text box available (this won’t automatically change the duration, only the visualization);
  3. Create a compound clip;
  4. Use the blade tool to separate when the animation start and stop running;
  5. Go back to the select tool;
  6. Change the duration of the element’s middle part (make it faster or slower);
  7. Move the free part after the cut to put it together with the one you just changed the duration.

By doing this you won’t have to worry if your material will fit or not the element you want to use because in a few steps you can make it work with whatever audio length you have to include in your videos.

Building your own conversation

In this recent update, we have added some continuous conversation presets to save time during your workflow, but we know that the ones we created won’t suit all the situations. That’s why you have 48 message options available to build your own conversations.

  1. Drag and drop the first message element you wish to use in the timeline;
  2. Create a compound clip and open it;
  3. Drag the other message elements you need to create your conversation and drop in the timeline, above the previous element every time you add a new one;
  4. Change the push distance of each message element;

Following this tutorial, you’ll be able to create endless combinations and conversations for your projects, using text, audio, and video messages, in any way you need, to get the most out of the resources included in this plugin.

So how about adding these amazing message effects in your videos? Enjoy our limited time offer until Jan 31, 2021, to save $20 on this plugin.

If you have any other questions about how to use the plugin, you can reach out to us in our Facebook inbox or through support@lenofx.com, we’ll be glad to help :)