Free video tools for video editors and filmmakers

Video editing has improved a lot in the past years and shows that its use won't stop anytime soon. With so many social media options available, and all the information produced and delivered every single day, we're always looking for the best way to present our work, standing out from the crowd, and drawing our target's attention.

There are many ways to edit your videos, but an essential piece of the process is also choosing all the material involved and what we'll use to create them. That's why we've selected a few useful free video tools to help you during the video editing process. Check it out and save them to your bookmarks bar. 

Free Video Tools to save in your bookmarks bar

Check some useful websites to find stock photos and videos, music, illustrations, icons, fonts, color pallets, and much more. Make sure to save these links in a handy way, and make every new project you create the best one you have ever made. 

Stock Images and Videos

Sometimes, video editors and filmmakers need to appeal to stock images and videos to enhance their projects. So it's good to make sure that you're searching for this material in the right place, with the quality you desire for the best result. Take a look at some websites we love:

Stock Icons and Illustrations

Icons and Illustrations can be used for several types of videos: tutorials, webinars, commercials, whiteboards, interviews, reviews, web series, reactions, cases, FAQs, vlogs, lists, and everything else you can think of.

Maybe you don't have the time to create from scratch, or the skill - or even both - so here are three websites that can save you when searching for this type of material:

Stock Music

If you're a video editor or a filmmaker or at least have ever watched a video or movie, you know how soundtracks and sound effects are highly valuable when you're trying to share your message. So it's not only a matter of finding good ones but the right ones.

Take a look at tome sources we like to look up to when we're creating our videos and trailers

Stock Color Pallets

You probably already heard of the study of color or how color psychology works. The color palette has become even more famous in the last few years, and people are concerned if the one picked is a pallet or not, or just some random colors that don't work together. For your luck, some websites can help you find the best ones for your videos.

Stock Fonts

After you're done choosing the best videos, imagens, icons, illustrations, music, sound effects, and color pallets, you need to make sure that the font you're using to show off the message also matches the rest of your video. And just like the rest, it's good to have an excellent source to find them. Check it out:

Take your Final Cut Pro X Skills to the next level

Did you know that we have tons of free classes on our YouTube Channel? Hours and hours of free content to help you become a great FCPX editor, or a t least improve your existing skills. 

    FCPX Plugins to boost your toolbox

    FCPX plugins are great to save you precious time, speeding up your workflow while creating better videos. Check our outstanding selection of must-have plugins that we believe can add massive value and suit basically every project you’ll ever need to create:

    Text Presets

    Improve your video-quality to make sure it's as impressive as you always wanted! Text Presets contains more than 330 elements including 11 texts categories and 52 effects to add incredible texts to your video. You have endless possibilities to customize and combine them to match your project’s style.


    Need to add multiple content sources and unlimited value to every screen on your videos? Grids is the answer. Quickly edit your videos to optimize information delivery using over +70 dynamic and visually striking grid options!

    Essential Transitions

    Transitions are important to make sure your video is fluid while creating an impactful experience. With Essential Transitions, you’ll get every video transition you need in a single plugin to take your video to the next level.

    Youtube Booster

    If you want to turn your YouTube channel into the ultimate engagement tool, you definitely need to add YouTube Booster to your toolbox. Over 150 elements to create visually striking content, and turn viewers into subscribers with professional, engaging, and memorable videos!

    Titles & Backgrounds

    The boring video days are over! It’s time to stand out and keep your audience interested. 100 Animated Background + 23 Animated Titles = 2000+ stunning combinations to unlock even more of your creativity and impress your viewers.

    We hope that all websites and links provided in this article can help you with your next projects. Video editing is an art, and yours will become better and better with practice and letting your creativity flow.

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