How to use Final Cut Pro X plugins for personal videos

Here at LenoFX, we love to create solutions and plugins for those who use Final Cut Pro X as a professional tool, to make video editing easier, faster, and beautiful. And we also love to see how FCPX editors use our plugins to transform their photos, videos, and footages.

In this article, you’re going to read Daniel Cobbina’s journey and history. Daniel considers video editing as a serious hobby as he likes to film and edit footage whenever he can. His videos are mainly filming events for family and friends as of himself, in order to preserve special memories for the future.

Have a look at our conversation with Daniel:

1. How did you start working with video editing? Do you plan to move from a personal purpose to a professional one?

I started working with video editing way back in the mid-'90s when I was a teenager. Back then, it was much harder as I had no computer, so my editing machine was a manual process with a small machine (which looked like a slim typewriter) being used to edit my VHS videotapes. Thankfully life is much easier now. Thanks to FCPX and plugins such as the ones from LenoFX, I am able to get my work more professional-looking.

Although I do not have any plans to be a full time professional, I am now looking into the possibility of putting more narration/voice-overs into my videos to give my stories a better (and more professional) look and feeling as well as exploring the possibility to make my videos more informative in a blog style. I am also looking into creating more promo of products type videos as I now have the plugins to do so.

2. In which ways does FCPX plugins facilitate your work?

FCPX is the best video editing tool I have used so far. It makes editing so much fun as I can quickly put together lots of interesting clips and present things in ways I couldn't do before with the help of plugins which FCPX has plenty of. From Speed ramping to video walls, FCPX seems to have several ways to make my videos look so much better without much of a struggle. It easily makes a non-professional (like myself) look very professional with my work in no time due to its fast rendering.

3. Do you have a LenoFX go-to plugin that you use in almost every video? Which one and why?

I have always loved the YouTuber watcher next (Now YouTube booster although it doesn't have all the watcher next templates).

I still, therefore, always use the Watcher Next because of the Outro scale back options which then shows the other frames to watch next. I have always found that this looks very slick and professional (even better than the newer templates) and so I use it all the time.

4. If you could give only one advice for those who work with video editing, what would it be?

Buy some LenoFX templates (if you haven't already), and keep practicing to improve your craft. There is always so much to learn with this system so you can never know it all.

5. How can people contact you and find out more about your work?

I have my Youtube Channel name which is SWIZZLEBEATS ENT.TV

Check Daniel’s work:

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