Camera Movements - Free

Camera Movements - Free

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Do you get the feeling, when you’re about to edit your footage, that you could have done more with it? We understand how you feel. That’s why we created this Camera Movements plugin for Final Cut Pro, to help you spice up your footage during post-production.

Sometimes all you need is just to add a cinematic-style effect, but it’s so much easier doing it from the comfort of your home, making it possible to achieve studio-quality videos and presentations.

We have a full version of this plugin with 46 elements ready to be used with your project, but we have also made a special gift for you, creating this free version.

Once you download Camera Movements - Free, you’ll see 2 presets movements inside your Final Cut Pro titles browser:
2 Points
Zoom In

With the 2 Points element, you’ll have two On-Screen Controls available (to make it easier, but you can also customize through the published parameters) to place wherever you wish to make your footage go from the first point to the second one.

You can even change the zoom intensity, scale, background color, choose to make pan movements on or off.

And for the Zoom In element you’ll also have one On-Screen Control available, to place it wherever you want to zoom in on your footage.

Some other parameters’ customization options are the zoom intensity, frequency, opacity, and defocus on or off.

Along with the presets movements, you’ll also get a Gaussian Blur tool, to help you give focus on what really matters on your scene, working as a mask. You can customize the intensity, position, or even invert how the mask is applied.

So, don’t wait any longer to add cinematic motion to your videos and presentation, download Camera Movements - Free now.

To check the full version for Camera Movements, click here.


    • Final Cut Pro X 10.4.8 (or later)

    • Disk space: 6.4 MB

    What's Included

    • 2 Presets Movements
    • 1 Tool
    • Tutorial

    Compatible Aspect Ratios

    • Full HD



    • 4K



    Preview Credits

    Product Creative Direction - João Corrêa
    Product Animation - Jefferson Vasconcelos
    Product Design - Riviano Oliveira

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