Youtube Growth Tools

Youtube Growth Tools



Youtube Growth Tools is the powerful and complete pack of elements designed to help you grow your Youtube Channel faster and easier.

All you need in one plugin:
Call to Actions (Like, subscribe and activate notifications), End Screens, Follower Interactions, Tags, Likes, Titles, Lower Thirds, Openers, Sidebars & Transitions.

Get more subscribers, likes and a higher engagement from your followers

Do not lose your viewers, use call to actions to convert them into subscribers effortlessly.

Top notch design & high-level animation.

Great tool for any content creator working with clients or themselves to better annotate vids on social platforms.

The first plugin on the market with everything you need, exclusive for Final Cut Pro X.

Click here and see how it works.


  • Quick and easy to edit in Final Cut Pro X
  • Change duration, color, position, font, size, etc.
  • On screen controls for size and position
  • Customize all the to another language, including call to actions
  • Built-in/out Animations
  • Resolution 720, 1080, 4K 3840x2160
  • No plugins required


  • Final Cut Pro X 10.4 or later
  • Disk space: 47.1 MB

What's Included

  • 75 Elements
  • 25 Call to Actions , 8 End Screens, 5 Follower Interactions, 4 Likes, 10 Lower Thirds, 5 Openers, 4 Sidebars, 7 Tags, 5 Titles, 6 Transitions
  • Tutorial

Compatible Aspect Ratios

  • Full HD



  • 4K