Making FCPX user life easier

A Brazilian team committed to providing success to every FCPX user. We started with this mission and work every day to reach our goal. How we do that? By developing high-level plugins for the best price ever, we assure a fantastic experience to our clients so that they can produce breathtaking projects. Exceed expectations with our plugins!

What We Stand For

Mutual respect and building a healthy environment that enables the creativity and collective growth of our team, resulting in better products for FCPX users.

What We Value

HONESTY: We are authentic and transparent with you and ourselves.

QUALITY: We only sell what we buy, guaranteeing the best product for our clients.

CONTRIBUTION: We are committed to your success as a result of ours.

FOCUS ON SOLUTION: Every difficult situation is an opportunity to grow and learn.

WOW FACTOR: We like to exceed limits and expectations, stand out, and surprise our clients.

Our Team

We're growing fast to become a world reference for FCPX users.

Leno Porto

Founder & CEO

Francielle Bárbara


Diogo Silva

Head of Finance

Roberta Santos

Head of People

Carol Urbano

Head of Production

Juliana Menezes

Head of Marketing

Beatriz Borges

Marketing Analyst

Gabriel Guedes

Customer Success

João Corrêa

Art Director

Riviano Oliveira


Bruno Gasparoti

Motion Designer

Jefferson Vasconcelos

Motion Designer

Kamila Monyelle

Motion Designer

Marquinhos Oliveira

Motion Designer

Ygor Fernandes

Motion Designer

Ludmilla Rabêlo

Video Editor

Roberta Lopes

Video Editor