Making FCPX user life easier

A Brazilian team committed to providing success to every FCPX user. We started with this mission and work every day to reach our goal. How we do that? By developing high-level plugins for the best price ever, we assure a fantastic experience to our clients so that they can produce breathtaking projects. Exceed expectations with our plugins!

What We Stand For

Mutual respect and building a healthy environment that enables the creativity and collective growth of our team, resulting in better products for FCPX users.

What We Value

HONESTY: We are authentic and transparent with you and ourselves.

QUALITY: We only sell what we buy, guaranteeing the best product for our clients.

CONTRIBUTION: We are committed to your success as a result of ours.

FOCUS ON SOLUTION: Every difficult situation is an opportunity to grow and learn.

WOW FACTOR: We like to exceed limits and expectations, stand out, and surprise our clients.

Our Team

We're growing fast to become a world reference for FCPX users.

Leno Porto

Founder & CEO

Diogo Silva

Head of Finance

Beatriz Borges

Marketing Analyst

João Corrêa

Art Director

Riviano Oliveira


Jefferson Vasconcelos

Motion Designer

Ygor Fernandes

Motion Designer

Ludmilla Rabêlo

Video Editor