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We are on the lookout for content creators to partner up with and get creative together!


What is the LenoFX Creator Partner Program?

Our Creator Partner Program offers content creators using FCPX, particularly those creating video tutorials, reviews, and educational blog content, a means to partner up with us. 

Hey, you!

1) Are you a content creator using Final Cut Pro for your videos and presentations?

2) Do you have an active social media channel or website with video tutorials and blog articles on how to create amazing video content?

If so, we are excited to announce our new Creator Partner Program! 

We have a simple goal: To help each other, and to grow together in the process!

We offer hundreds of top-of-the-line Final Cut Pro plugins to a global community of content creators, helping them take their videos and presentations to the next level.

You create amazing video and blog content for an active audience that you engage and interact with on a regular basis. 

3 easy steps to start earning money! 

Step 1: Sign up!
Fill out our registration form to get approved as a LenoFX Creator Partner.

Step 2: Create and submit your content!
Create relevant content and submit it to LenoFX.

Step 3: Claim your plugins!
We’ll send you the information you need to get two LenoFX plugins of your choice!

Join now!

Check out our FAQ for more information!