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1 – Contract Items
LICENSOR: LenoFX Estúdio de Animação, legal entity of private right, registered under the CNPJ nº 11.722.085/0001-38, with headquarters in Brazil, in the city of Aparecida de Goiânia, state of Goiás, CEP: 74934-605, in this act defined as such.

LICENSEE: the acquirer of software on the website, recognized, qualified and identified after the process of registration and of payment.

2 – General Information
This agreement of wills defines the conditions of use, rights and obligations of all parts with regards to the software that is property of the LICENSOR. Before installing, please READ CAREFULLY all of the content in this document and in case you do not agree with something, do not use the software.

The installation of the software is equivalent to the manifesting of full acceptance of this license by the LICENSEE. By installing the product in your computer, you are agreeing, recognizing and submitting to all rules established in this contract.

This License of Use is linked to the Terms and Conditions of Use and to the Privacy Policies available on the website When installing the software, you are also in full acceptance and submission to the dispositions on these two contracts.

Any violation of this license will authorize the LICENSOR, immediately and regardless of previous notice, to take any extrajudicial or judicial measures fitting in order to protect the rights of the licensor or of third parties.

Any possible omissions of this contract will be interpreted restrictively. Any rights that are not expressly foreseen in this License of Use will not under any circumstances be conceded to the LICENSEE.

3 – Software Propriety
The software that is the object of this license is of ownership of LenoFX Estúdio de Animação, proprietor of the website, established under Brazilian laws as a legal entity of private right, registered under the CNPJ nº 11.722.085/0001-38, with headquarters in Brazil, in the city of Aparecida de Goiânia, state of Goiás, CEP: 74934-605.

The software, object of this present contract, is of ownership and property of the LICENSOR. As such, all copyrights and others intellectual property rights relating to it are equal to those conferred to literary works in the molds of the copyright legislation valid and in force in Brazil and internationally as expressed in Article 2nd and Paragraphs of the Law nº 9.609/98.

Still with regards to the terms in Brazilian Law nº 9.609/98, all obligations contained in the previous clause will remain in force for a period of 50 (fifty) years, starting on the date of the creation of the software object of this contract.

All intellectual property rights of the software, object of this contract, and its documentation are and will remain strictly of property of the LICENSOR.

4 – Confidentiality 
In the event that the LICENSEE attains knowledge of any information of confidential nature of the LICENSOR as a result of installation of the software or in any other form, he or she will be obligated to maintain secrecy under pain of responding to legal sanctions of penal or civil nature.

In the same way, in the event that the LICENSOR attains personal information of the LICENSEE, he will maintain secrecy in the terms set forth in the Privacy Policy of the website

This clause is valid ad eternum, in other words, the commitment of confidentiality taken upon by both parts will be valid eternally, with no deadline.

5 – License of Use
The LICENSOR, owner of the rights to the software, object of this contract, in this act and by the best form of rights, grants the LICENSEE the LICENSE OF USE, non-exclusively and non-transferrable, for use in the form of object code of the software object of this installation, made available to the LICENSEE for he or she to use, respecting the terms stated in this contract instrument.

The present contract concedes to the LICENSEE the license of use for up to 3 (three) computers as long as these are of property of the LICENSOR.

All 3 (three) licenses of use can be used with no expiration date by the LICENSEE. These rights may not be transferred to third parties.

It is also granted to the LICENSEE the use of this software in an unlimited number of productions.

6 – Duties of the LICENSEE
The LICENSEE is obligated to:

Use the software hired in accordance to its finalities and technical demands;

Bear the losses occurred due to permanent and irreparable damage of data when these are a result of his or her own responsibility (failing to back-up files, physical damage in storage units, virus); 
Take responsibility for any legal infraction in civil, penal, authorial and other scopes which may possibly be committed with the use of the software hired;

Not copy, translate, adapt, separate or dismount, modify or in any way reverse the engineering of the software that is of property of the LICENSOR;

Not carry out total or partial reproduction of the software that is of property of the LICENSOR;

Use the software respecting the technical conditions and minimum requirements informed by the LICENSOR;

Not divulge, reveal or make available the software, object of the present instrument, to any third party, except in the case of what is expressly foreseen in this contract;

Not sell, distribute, sublicense, rent, lease, loan, give, dispose, relinquish or in any way transfer total or partially the software object of this contract and/or any rights to it related.

Not copy, adapt, enhance, alter, correct, translate, update, develop new versions or elaborate works derived from the software, object of this contract, or of any of its parts or components;

Not dismount, decompile, do reverse software engineering or, by any other means, obtain, access or try to obtain or access the source code of the software and/or any confidential data or information related to the software, object of the present contract;

Not remove copyright warnings or any other warnings of property rights contained on the software, object of the present contract.

7 – Duties of the LICENSOR
The LICENSOR is obligated to:

Make available the software object of this contract, after payment has been made by the LICENSEE;

Correct possible errors or inconsistencies verified in the file made available for download, provided that the flaws are not a result of configurations of the machine where the software will be installed;

Any time that there are new updates to the software acquired on the website, the LICENSOR will offer them free of charge to the LICENSEE. However, for all intents and purposes, the creation of updates does not constitute an obligation of the LICENSOR, who will only do them when he pleases.

8 – Responsibility Limitation
In the greatest measure permitted by legislation, under no circumstances will the LICENSOR be held responsible for ill use of the software, including material and moral damages and loss of profits or any other incident which brings consequences of financial or personal nature to the LICENSEE.

In the same way, the LICENSOR does not take responsibility for the perpetration of possible civil or criminal illicit activities practiced by the LICENSEE by indiscriminate use of software. The LICENSOR holds the right to communicate to police and legal authorities as well as to third parties who have had rights violated at any time he discovers the practice of any one infraction.

9 – Exclusion of Guarantees
All of the products commercialized and distributed by the LICENSOR are acquired immediately through download on the website For this reason, with the exception of cases duly proven of mistakes in the file or of version different than that announced, the LICENSOR does not supply guarantee of reimbursements on its products. 
Taking into account what has been set in the previous clause, being unfruitful all attempts of repairing the inconsistency of the product acquired by the LICENSEE, he or she will be guaranteed the exchange for another product of the same value or full return of the value payed, without being entitled to any sort of indemnification.

No council or information, written or oral, obtained by the LICENSEE through the LenoFX website will constitute any sort of guarantee or other obligation which is not stated in this license of use.

10 – Contact Information
In case there are any questions about any rule or condition established in this License of Use, please reach out to us by e-mail: so that we can clarify all questions.

11 – Final Dispositions:
The lack of exercise by any of the parts of any rights secured to them by these Terms and Conditions of Use or by the applicable legislation will not mean suspension or waiver of these rights. Both parties may exercise said rights during the entire validity of this Regulation.

12 – Applicable Legislation and Forum
The Brazilian Legislation as well as treaties and international conventions signed by Brazil are applied to this contract.

The Judicial District of Aparecida de Goiânia, Goiás – Brazil is elected to settle any litigations or controversy arising from the present contract. Any other forum, even if more privileged, is excluded from this duty.