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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a custom plan where you can download 12 plugins (except packs) anytime and keep it forever. Plugins from all categories are available. You get 12 credits that have a shelf life of one year. New plugins are added monthly, so, you always have something new.
It's an annual membership plan with fantastic benefits: 1. You can download 12 plugins per Year. That's any plugin from our entire collection, including new releases. 2. You keep them forever; you are not just leasing them for a year. 3. Plus, you'll have the benefit of buying any additional plugins at 30% OFF at any time (no more waiting for a special sale). 4. And that's not all. You'll also receive Exclusive Offers with even bigger discounts. (Can you believe that?) 5. In addition, as a member, you'll receive priority support when you need our help. 6. And, we'll also invite you to be part of our Private Facebook Group, where we want to have conversations on how we can help you be even more successful. Together we can work on new products and features you'd like to see, and much more.
You can cancel but not get a refund. Yours remain credits will be lost.
We do not offer refunds or exchange products because we sell digital products. Be aware that you have, at least, Final Cut Pro X 10.4 or later so our plugins will be correctly installed.
You'll be at the top of our support calls so you can be answered first.
Every time we reach a new offer, you will get more significant discounts.
Yes, you'll be able to choose any plugin available in our website.
Yes. If you still have three credits remaining from your first LenoFX Membership year, and renew your plan, you'll have 15 credits. 
You can pay with a credit card via Stripe.
You can install it in up to three machines that you own. You cannot install it in machines that aren't yours.
Our plugins don't have a limit use. You can use how many times you need it.
No. If you buy one plugin you get a 30% discount; if you buy two plugins, you get a 30% discount either.
Yes, you can! You can buy plugins from our ENTIRE website.
Some of our plugins have a demo trial that you can download and test it before you buy. But after you purchase the membership plan, and decide to cancel, you don't get a refund.
In your confirmation order you'll receive a link to join the group. Answer the questions required, and we will allow your entrance.