We at LenoFX understand and respect your privacy. Because of this, we take all measures possible to assure the secrecy of your personal information and guarantee that your safety in our website will never be violated.

Please see below how we manage your personal data in the LenoFX website. In case of any questions, please get in touch with us. It will be our pleasure to help you.

1 – Personal Data

In order to buy a LenoFX product it is necessary to fill out a registration form. For this reason, the present document has the purpose of making clear the commitment taken on by LenoFX to guarantee the protection of personal data of the users who access this gateway.

When you are acquiring a LenoFX product, you will be asked to inform your e-mail and also your home address. We require your e-mail because it is the necessary way to identify and get in touch with you if any questions come up and need clarification. We require your home address so that we are able to issue a sales receipt.

We at LenoFX will never send you e-mails requesting confirmation of data/registration or containing executable files (exe. com. src. bat. extension) and links for download. Exceptionally in this last case, LenoFX may send a link for download when requested by the user.

In a specific location of our website, you may enter your e-mail and authorize LenoFX to send you discounts, newsletters and other information. At any given time, you may request that your e-mail be removed from our database.

Please be aware that all information shared is of your sole responsibility and therefore any consequences caused by untrue or wrongful information will be in your responsibility as well.

2 – Information Collection and Use

Only generic data, regarding the amount of people who access areas of our website, can be divulged with the purpose of statistical surveys. Under no circumstances will a user be identified in this procedure.

As mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of Use, LenoFX can divulge your information if required to do so by law or by solicitation from competent government or judicial authorities for personal investigations that for any which reason are being conducted, regardless of court orders, either to contribute in the investigations or to repel any offense or attempt aimed at harming the website, the community of users or third party proprietors of material or intellectual rights.

Your personal information will never be commercialized or supplied to third parties, except when there is the need to comply with court or governmental orders, or when authorized by you. We will never sell, share or rent our e-mail list. Your e-mail address is and always will be used exclusively by us, so that we can communicate whenever there is the need.

3 – Security of Information

For purchases subject to the Brazilian legislation, the total value of the products sold by LenoFX contemplates all tributes. In case you are a client in another country, please verify with competent organs in your location if taxes, fees or other government charges are applied. The payment of these costs is of your sole responsibility.

Your credit card information, when used to purchase a product at LenoFX, are processed through other websites who carry out transmission of payments. These websites possess protection systems used by the safety industry, including SSL protocol and encryptions. Your credit card information are not stored in our server and cannot be accessed by us.

LenoFX does not take responsibility for the treatment of personal data managed in third party websites such as Paypal, 2Checkout and others. In this case, the user must observe the privacy policies of the website to which he or she is being directed.

Comments published at LenoFx can be seen by all users who access the website. Therefore, we recommend that you do not share data such as phone number, mailing address or any other information of personal nature.

4 - Cookies

When you access the website www.LenoFX.com, one or more cookies will be sent to your computer. Cookies are small internet text files that detect, recognize and store data of actions practiced by the user in the LenoFX website. The use of these cookies allows LenoFX to offer service better adapted to the preferences and needs of the user.

You can set your browser’s options so that it refuses or indicates when a cookie is sent to your computer.

5 - Clarifications

LenoFX can modify these Privacy Policies at any time. All changes can always be accessed in this space, which will be available to users for full knowledge.

In case you have questions on any of the items listed in this Privacy Policy, please reach out to us by e-mail: support@lenofx.com so that we can clarify all questions.