Refund Policy

- We do not offer refunds or exchange products because we sell digital products.

- Make sure that you are using the required version of Final Cut Pro X to run the product properly before you buy.

- In the description page of each product you can see the required version, like this:

- Ask questions before you buy any product if needed and make sure you are buying the right one.

- Make sure you are buying a product that will be useful for you.

(If you have a very good reason to receive a refund, please contact us)

1 - Object Description

LenoFX is not held responsible for damage and will not carry out any reimbursement to the acquirer that does not observe the compatibility information made available on the LenoFX website or by Apple.

2 - Exclusion of Guarantees

All of the products commercialized and distributed by the LICENSOR are acquired immediately through download on the website For this reason, with the exception of cases duly proven of mistakes in the file or of version different than that announced, the LICENSOR does not supply guarantee of reimbursements on its products.

Taking into account what has been set in the previous clause, being unfruitful all attempts of repairing the inconsistency of the product acquired by the LICENSEE, he or she will be guaranteed the exchange for another product of the same value or full return of the value payed, without being entitled to any sort of indemnification.

No council or information, written or oral, obtained by the LICENSEE through the LenoFX website will constitute any sort of guarantee or other obligation which is not stated in this license of use.

3 - Contact Information

In case there are any questions about any rule or condition established in this Refund Policy, please reach out to us by e-mail: so that we can clarify all questions.