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Important notice!

Dear LenoFX Editors Club members, In constant search for innovation, we are going through major changes to serve you even better.

Please note that we are cancelling our rewards programme at the end of October 2021.

We kindly ask you to spend all your FX points before October 31st 2021, since they will no longer be valid past the deadline.

We thank you for your continuous support. 

Welcome to the LenoFX Editors Club

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Redeem FX points for exclusive rewards on purchased plugins.

Ways to earn...

Spend $1 = 5 FX points


350 FX points so you can celebrate your birthday

Sign up

250 FX points for signing up on the program


100 FX points for a review on your purchase

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Refer your editor friends!

Give your friends $5 off their first purchase* and get 500 points for each successful referral!

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*Valid for purchases above $49 and it doesn't apply for Packs

Ways to spend...

Choose how to cash in your FX points for vouchers! You can enjoy smaller discounts along the way or save for a one bigger discount at a time. The choice is yours!

500 FX points = $5 voucher

1000 FX points = $10 voucher

1500 FX points = $15 voucher

2000 FX points = $20 voucher

2500 FX points = $25 voucher

LenoFX Editors Club FAQ

There are a few important items we'd like to note:

  • Limit to one account per person - FX points will not be transferred between accounts.
  • For your FX points to be earned and redeemable you must be logged into your account. Otherwise, points will not be counted.
  • The LenoFX Editors Club is run at the discretion of LenoFX and can be changed or canceled at anytime.
  • The rewards from the LenoFX Editors Club is only valid when used by the account which earned the rewards.