1 - General Agreements 
When using the services of LenoFX you agree and are subject to the Terms and Conditions here described as well as subject to the Privacy Policy and all other rules established by the website.

You must read carefully through all of the Terms and Conditions and fully agree to its dispositions in order to use the website.

Any consequences incurred due to the violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use are of your responsibility, therefore please be sure that you have understood everything that is described in these Terms.

LenoFX reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions from time to time with no early warning and regardless of consent from users. It is of your responsibility to periodically review this page for updates to these Terms and Conditions which will come into force upon publishing. Your continued use of the website will be considered as an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions including our Privacy Policy.

You understand, recognize and agree that LenoFX can divulge your information if required to do so by law or by requisite of competent governmental or judicial authorities for personal investigations being conducted, regardless of Court orders, either to contribute in the investigations or to repel any offense or attempt aimed at harming the website, the community of users or third party proprietors of material or intellectual rights.

Except in cases of confidential information determined by current laws, the right to share data will be used by LenoFX at their discretion whenever deemed appropriate or necessary in face of the hypothetical threats previously stated.

In case of questions about any of the rules or conditions established in these Terms, please contact us by e-mail: support@lenofx.com so that we may clarify anything that is necessary.

Any points that are missing from these Terms and Conditions of Use will be resolved by the website LenoFX based on the current legislation and in the judicial principles that discipline the matter.

2 - About Us
The website www.LenoFX.com is a LENOFX COMÉRCIO DE PRODUTOS DIGITAIS LTDA enterprise, registered under the CNPJ nº 35.372.576/0001-64, with headquarters in Brazil in the city of Goiânia, State of Goiás, CEP: 74093-250.

3 - Object Description
The website www.LenoFX.com develops and commercializes plugins and templates specifically and uniquely for Final Cut Pro and Motion 5 Apple software.

Please be certain that you have installed in your computer the Final Cut Pro version required for the plugin or template that you are acquiring. This information will be available in the description of each plugin or template being acquired.

LenoFX is not held responsible for damage and will not carry out any reimbursement to the acquirer that does not observe the compatibility information made available on the LenoFX website or by Apple.

For purchases subject to the Brazilian legislation, the total value of the products sold by LenoFX contemplates all tributes. In case you are a client in another country, please verify with competent organs in your location if there is incidence of taxes, fees or other government charges. The payment of these costs is of your sole responsibility.

For coupon codes we reserve the right to change terms anytime at our sole discretion.

4 – Comments Policy
The content in comments published on the LenoFX website is of sole and entire civil and penal responsibility of the user. The LenoFX website is not responsible for any damage supposedly incurred due to opinions and comments made by third parties.

However all comments posted can be post-moderated and the website LenoFX reserves the right to, at any time and whenever deemed necessary, exclude, partially or fully, any text that violates legal norms, the rules of these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy or due to denunciations. This will not generate any responsibility to the website www.LenoFX.com.

LenoFX reserves the right to refuse publication of any content or to remove from the website any user who does not contribute to satisfying our requirements for content or in any other way infringes these Terms.

We can also remove content contributions from users if the contributions indicate, through notice or through communications from any person, that any part of these Terms or of any other rules that govern publication of said contents have been disrespected.

Users of the website are prohibited to publish advertising messages, pornographic, crass, racist or offensive material; information on illegal activities and incitement to crime; slanderous, defamatory or libelous materials and statements.

Publishing any material protected by copyright laws without due authorization by the author or representative is strictly prohibited.

If any of the rules exposed in these Terms are failed to be met or if it is verified that the user is exercising illegalities, the user will have their permission to comment canceled.

5 – Intellectual Property
All content published on the website LenoFX as well as other works that can be found online and which carry the name of LenoFX are protected by Brazilian and International copyright laws, as well as by laws and treaties of intellectual property.

All copyrights of content and services, including images, photographs, animations, videos, music, audio, text, layout and brands visualized on the website are of property of or authorized to LenoFX. You agree to respect and abide by all copyright laws related to the use of our services and content.

LenoFX reserves the right to carry out the extrajudicial or judicial measures deemed appropriate to protect copyrights to content and services.

Any action or attempt of action which implies in the reproduction of content and service of LenoFX without due authorization will be fought by LenoFX, founded on available legal means, in order to preserve the integrity of the enterprise.

No user is authorized to use the brand, logo and/or various distinctive signs found on the website www.LenoFX.com or in any other channel of the internet in which LenoFX participates. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce or in any way exhibit the LenoFX brand without previous written consent of its proprietor. Any unauthorized use may imply in the violation of laws protecting intellectual property, industrial property, privacy laws, as well as civil, business and criminal statutes and regulatory norms.

All licenses and rights not expressly conceded in these Terms and Conditions of Use are exclusively reserved to the proprietors of the website www.LenoFx.com. These Terms do not concede any implicit rights or licenses.

6 – Final Dispositions:
These Terms and Conditions of Use, our Privacy Policy as well as other rules available on the website www.LenoFX.com constitute in full right the integral agreement with relation to the object in question, established between LenoFx and its users, both registered or visitors. 
Any previous rules which discipline the same object as these Terms, in whatever is presented to the contrary, is hereby revoked.

In the event that any one of the topics regulated by these Terms be declared null, partially or fully, for any contractual or legal reason, the remaining clauses will continue in full force and producing all effects.

These terms are bonding of parts only in that which touches upon the object developed by LenoFX. The acceptance of these Terms does not imply the creation of any society, franchise, partnership, sales representation or relations other than those specifically foreseen in this document.

The lack of exercise by any of the parts of any rights secured to them by these Terms and Conditions of Use or by the applicable legislation will not mean suspension or waiver of these rights. Both parties may exercise said rights during the entire validity of this Regulation.

7 – Applicable Legislation and Forum
The Brazilian Legislation as well as treaties and international conventions signed by Brazil are applied to this contract.

The Judicial District of Goiânia, Goiás – Brazil is elected to settle any litigations or controversy arising from the present contract. Any other forum, even if more privileged, is excluded from this duty.