Hi! Leno here.

People are asking me: Have you sold LenoFX?

The answer is no! 😀😅

So, why are you doing so many promotions? (You may ask🤔 )

I want to tell you a story about myself if you allow me.

Sorry if I share too much; I'm an open book.

Many things have changed in my life over the past few years.

I got divorced two years ago (15 years of marriage);

I got married one month ago and now I'm on our honeymoon in Europe.

I was an atheist for seven years, but now I'm a Christian again, a more spiritual person but not religious. (Nothing against religion).

My dear brother died almost two months ago—it was a profoundly painful experience and a miracle in my life.

Pain and love can be the most intense teacher in the school of life.

After that, something changed profoundly inside of me. I don't have words to explain.

Now, I want to love people more and more, do good for all human beings, and be at service as much as possible.

I want to experience life like I'm going to die tomorrow.

That's why I'm doing many promotions. I want to put my products in the hands of thousands of people.

With the money from the sales, I want to help as many people as possible.And take good care of my family.

For some reason, I'm helping people as I never did before. (Not trying to brag, only God and I know what's going on, and that's enough for me).

What did I do with the 10% profits from the Black Friday Sale?

Again, not to brag, but to show that we are doing charity for real. (You don't need to believe it)

We helped people from the flood disaster in Bahia by buying water with our friends.

We helped buy food for the poor and toys for the kids.

We helped in the construction of one home. It's simple but special.

With the profits of the Final Cut Pro Mega Pack, we will help a particular person that God has put in my life.

He needs surgery in the range of $10.000. We'll schedule for next month.

That's all God's plans; I'm just doing my part by obeying Him.

In a nutshell, my dear customer, that's why I'm making LenoFX products more affordable and accessible for more people.

I hope you don't mind.

I'm grateful for all my loyal customers and everyone who has supported us throughout these years.

You are the best, I love your life, and I'll pray so God can bless you immensely and powerfully. This is all possible because of you.

Even though I never met you, God does, and He knows you very well. Sorry if all this sounds like a lie to you; I don't mind.

I help you with my products,
You help me with money,
I help other people with part of the money,

And ultimately, God helps us all beautifully again.

It's a virtuous circle. It's a win win win and more win situation.

If we all help someone else, the world will change somehow, and that is what God wants from us.

To Love and to Be Loved ❤️

Life is more than just money and work. You know what I mean.

Loving each other, we will know and feel the supreme love of God. (Your God, the one you believe in).

I'm not trying to make you believe in God or anything, just trying to influence you to love more and have a life you are proud of in your last breath.

Sorry if you found this meaningless.

I felt this in my heart, and I needed to put it out.

Maybe this can change one life, and that's enough for me.

Have a fantastic day and wonderful life.

Leno Porto

P.S. We will still make new plugins and update the current ones. Wait for it 😀

P.P.S If you want to buy the Mega Pack, just click the image below.