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100 Animated Backgrounds + 23 titles that upgrade your every scene

2,000+ possible design combinations to unlock even more of your creativity and imagination!

30 “LenoFX Style” Eye-Catching Video Intros

Make uniquely inspiring video intros just like our LenoFX videos… perfect design done in seconds!

150 Modern Stylish Instagram designs, covers and story scenes

Create attention-grabbing Instagram Stories and increase your engagement with designs that inspire more likes and follows!

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Regular Pricing $147

Technical Specification

Supported Software

Final Cut Pro 10.4.8 or later

Minimum Requirements

OS 10.13.6 or later, 4GB of RAM

Recommended Requirements

macOS 10.14.6 or later, 8GB of RAM, Metal-capable graphics card, 1GB of VRAM (for 4K editing)


1080x1080 (Square Videos), 1080x1350 (Portrait), 1080x1920 (Stories), 1920x1080 (Full HD), 3840x2160 (4K) or any 16:9 in FCPX

Recommended FPS


Disk Space

621,1 MB

Preview Credits

Music (not included)

This is Dubstep


Kamila Monyelle, Marquinhos de Oliveira, Bruno Gasparoti, Ygor Fernandes, Jefferson Vasconcellos


João Corrêa, Eduardo Rodrigues, Riviano Oliveira


Ludmilla Rabelo

This is how you feature all the latest design trends in your videos without spending hours on brainstorming, creating, and editing!

Regular Pricing $147