Sidebar Titles Pack

Sidebar Titles Pack

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Explore everything that your compositions can achieve!

Sidebar Titles Pack gives your viewers the opportunity to within few second recognize the most important features about your footage.

With Call to Actions you have the possibility to quickly grab the attention of your viewers while informing them what's next.

It’s great to use in a variety of projects:

Social media projects, slideshows, documentaries, educational, corporate, promotional, YouTube, web, marketing, TV show, opener, events and more...

Take the change to find an awesome look to fit your projects.


  • Change duration, color, position, font, size, etc.
  • On screen controls for position
  • Choose the right or left side of sidebar (A or B title)
  • Chance the size of the sidebar
  • Slide more or less the background clip
  • Built-in/out Animations
  • Resolution 720, 1080, 4K 3840x2160
  • No plugins required
  • 24 fps


  • No plugins required

Customer Reviews

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Mark Keyer
A Timer Saver

I am extremely happy with the Side Bar I & II combo that I purchased. Is to you and easy to adjust. The only thing I would have liked was the ability to fine tune the fonts. Being able to make one section a bold and the other a regular instead of it having to be all the same font weight. Beside that though, it’s awesome.

Hi Mark, thank you for the review! You can change the font weight of individual words, please, look how: Thanks!